Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Manaiakalani Movie LH7

Hub 7 have been celebrating Te Reo Maori by creating virtual reality worlds in CoSpaces and by singing.  We have put together a compilation of some of our learning for you to enjoy! 

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Cookie dough planet made by Zoe And Taylor

Cookie dough planet is a fairly big planet it is ten times bigger than Jupiter and way bigger than earth.
Cookie dough planet is made out of cookie dough and the ocean is made out of melted cookie dough and you can eat the cookie dough and then it will grow back that is why everyone wants to go there.
There are 6 rainbow moons and cookie dough planet orbits around the sun it takes 15 days - 365 hours to orbit the sun it is very bad weather today it is healing cookie dough The yummy licorice grass and the lollipop flowers plus gummy worms also marshmallow crabs and you can't  Forget the icing sugar clouds.
Here is our simple island the rivers are the chocolate rivers the trees are the marshmallow and chocolate the grass is licorice and the towns are just a add on. 

By Britta! Lauren! Alexi! Tessa!

Plant Fluffy Fiery Rainbow from a long distance it Looks pink but there are big 3 islands. But one was too hard to see It looks like an island that has wool.

On plant Fluffy Fiery Rainbow, the sea is pink with purple ripples around Unicorn island, which makes it look magical.  On Unicorn island, there is a big magic waterfall the unicorns puck out rainbows when the are sick.

The second island is called haters island it's full of dragons only two caught to the right to the eye but sure there are more because dragons are known to hide them as to lead the to be a shy animal we have inferred. Island Haters is the perfect place habitat for Red beard dragons which is their sepsis. Red beard dragons favorite food unicorns so the unicorns have high.

There are 7 moons that this plant has and they are…
Bob, minion, Candy,  unicorns, madison, Lizy, spray.  (The moons) are always mad and angry and lie to the others. When they went to moon school they were always told off.

The size of the plant is 50x the size of earth.

The unicorns live on an island surrounded by trees to protect them from the hater of unicorns. Each year the haters come over to the unicorn island to kill the young ones.  
The haters of unicorns are cats so on the dark side there is and island for cats but it is wrecked and filled with cotton WOOL.

There are 3 islands on the planet. The main one is beach island, then Unicorn Island and then hater's Island.

Sometimes unicorns. When it is sunny - gingerbread houses are built the people like to have pet gingerbread's and they make the house and the gingerbread sometimes little babies come out. People say that when you wish upon them your wish comes true and there is a gingerbread baby.

Hope you have learned about plant Fluffy Fiery Rainbow

Lawter Information report

Lawter information report

Lawter is a planet made out of rock,dirt,lava and water. There are ponds and rivers filled with water and volcanoes filled with lava.

Lawter is 10,000,000 kilometers in area. The reason why it’s this big is because it’s a planet of war. Lava is battling water to get this planet to be full of lava but the water wants this planet to be full of water so they battle.This planet has 100 moons that’s why Lawter is so big.

There is still life on this planet there are lava creatures to fight with the lava side and water creatures to fight on the water side.

Lawter is the closest planet to the sun. 1 day is 17 hours and a year is 150 days.

On the water side it’s 5 degrees and on the lava side it’s 70 degrees. On the lava side there are volcanoes that always erupt and on the water side there are rivers and ponds and they all connect to the middle and also in the middle there are dust storms. On the Lava side it’s Summer and on the Water side it’s Winter.

Some of the words:
Lawter is lava and water together  

Naczord Infomation Report By Nathan

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Creative character Thinglinks

Check out Thinglinks which we have been creating in literacy.We have built our knowledge around different video game characters to apply understanding ad create a backstory.